Meet the Team

At LineTime Sports, we know your time and money is valuable. Unfortunately, we bet like ours isn’t, and we do it in a multitude of ways with a multitude of characters.

Admin Oscar

That’s me. I run the site and the social media accounts. I never have an edge, and I always talk myself into believing I do.


Steady is a walking sports news box. He knows who’s hurt, who’s hot, who’s not, and what the Pacers’ 13th man had for breakfast this morning. He channels this information into, probably, the most informed bets of the group. He can be streaky, but don’t tell him that.

The Hammer

We don’t call him that because he places small bets. He lays down the most cash out of anybody. He’s never afraid to follow the sharps on make-or-break tickets.

Parlay Pat

Hold on to your seats for this information: he doesn’t place straight bets. Every parlay is at least five legs. If you’re wondering how often he hits, well, just know that we keep a counter of how many days since his last cash.

LineTime Buddy

You never know when he’s going to break out a bet. He’ll go on a month-long hiatus and come back screaming about a can’t-miss play like he never left.

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