BREAKING: Vegas wins. Again.

Never end a conversation with, “Does Vegas know something,” unless you want to be hurt by the answer.

Tyrese Haliburton’s points O/U was set at 19.5 earlier in the day. Noting his recent success, was it truly unreasonable for me to take the over against James Harden and Tyrese Maxey?

Apparently, the sharps hit the under hard enough to drive it down to 18.5. The internal alarm in my head went off, so I texted Steady.

Those dreaded words: “Does Vegas know something”

Haliburton started slow, but gained some steam in the second half.

There was a problem, though. With under two minutes to play and the game in hand for the 76ers, Haliburton had exactly 19 points.

You know exactly what happens next.

Right on cue, Haliburton is pulled from the game, and both parlays are dead on a points line that did not even exist anymore.

Steady’s response to the situation: “I saw”

When Vegas gets you down, at least have your friends there to…leave you on the ground.


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