A Terrance/Tre Mann Issue

Admin Oscar

Perhaps a man with a higher IQ would not have made this mistake.

For a moment, I was resigned to that all too familiar feeling of disappointment mixed with a harsh recalculation of my former betting confidence after I checked the box score of Clippers-Thunder.

I bet Tre Mann O 15.5 points. The issue began long before tipoff, however.

See, I bet Tre Mann O 15.5 points because I was under the impression that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander would not be playing. Why was I under that impression. Well, probably because that is literally what ESPN said.

A few hours later, I received a text from Steady.

Intriguing that ESPN would list him as out, only to have him be bumped up to questionable hours later. But don’t worry, it got worse.

I was hurt. Battered and bamboozled with the cash out option dwindling, I decided to let it ride.

The Thunder beat the Clippers, but after checking the box score, my fate was sown:

T. Mann – 9 PTS

“But at some point, I will push the rock up this hill and it won’t fall back in my face, right?”

Defeated, I nearly clicked off the page. But only nearly.

“T. Mann,” I thought. “But, this is on the Clippers box–oh.”

Tre Mann scored 25 points, and the bet cashed. In that moment of fireworks exploding in my head, I realized something: that is the sweetest $7.33 I will ever earn in my life.


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