The Power of Trust

Admin Oscar

Sometimes, you need a shoulder to cry on. Maybe you need an ear to listen. Perhaps a hand to help.

Other times, you need somebody you love to send you a bet that you hate.

That’s exactly what happened when The Hammer sent me this Miami Heat money line play.

I was about 15 minutes away from taking the Trail Blazers spread. They’re undefeated at home getting 2.5 points against a 1-3 discombobulated Miami team.

But this moment was not about me. It was not about my betting sensibility or lack thereof.

This moment was about supporting a friend that supported me.

The Hammer went out of his way to ask what my plays of the day were.

Riding the Heat was not a tip of the cap or a kind gesture; this was an assertion of confidence. In fact, it was a repayment of the confidence he had in me just moments prior.

He went out of his way to ask for my plays despite knowing full well Vegas sticks in me a locker and takes my lunch money more times than not, so I put my ego aside.

For what it’s worth, Ivey didn’t play and couldn’t reach 20 points even though the game went to overtime.

I never said unbridled confidence in your friends is always good.


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