Ahh, yes. An injury to kill a few bets.

Admin Oscar

Two parlays and a points prop went straight down the toilet tonight as De’Aaron Fox headed down the tunnel and into the locker room after a first quarter injury.

It was not the first time an injury caused a miss. In fact, it wasn’t the first time this has happened to me. In fact, it wasn’t the first time this happened to me in the past 72 hours.

I blindly tailed The Hammer on a UFC bet for Calvin Kattar to win. Well, he injured his knee and lost in the second round.

I could sit back here and whine about it, but I don’t want to do that. We play stupid games when we sports bet, and I won a stupid prize. This prize was the lack of a prize.

Someday, I’ll be on the right end of one of these unfortunate injuries.


De’Aaron and Calvin: I wish you both a speedy recovery, so I can be one step closer to betting on you both yet again.


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